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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2011 Raman Spectroscopy as an Analytical Tool for Characterization of FluoroquinolonesSahoo, S; Chakraborti, C K; Mishra, S C; Nanda, U N; Naik, S
2008 A Rapid Screening Tool to Predict Optimal Feed Flow Sequence of A MultipleKhanam, S; Mohanty, B
2006 R-curve behavior of Ti3SiC2Sarkar, D; Basu, B; Chu, Min Cheol; Cho, Seong Jai
2006 Reaction of Benzyl Chloride with Ammonium Sulfide under Liquid-Liquid Phase Transfer Catalysis: Reaction MechanismMaity, Sunil K.; Pradhan, N C; Patwardhan, Anand V.
2005 Reaction of Benzyl Chloride with Aqueous Ammonium Sulfide under Liquid–Liquid Phase Transfer CatalysisMaity, Sunil K.; Patwardhan, Anand V.; Pradhan, N C
2001 Reactive organization of particles into macroscopic length scales by myelin growthHota, G; Bellare, J R; Khilar, K C; Manohar, C
Jul-2013 Realization of Reconfigurable FLC on ADSP-BF537 ProcessorMaji, P; Patra, S K; Mahapatra, K K; Govindarajan, J; Patel, J J
Dec-2013 Real Time Implementation of Digital Filter on Control strategy of DSTATCOM for Load Compensation under Distorted Utility ConditionSahu, G; Mahapatra, K K
Apr-2013 Real-Time Implementation of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) and Finding the Power Spectrum Using LabVIEW and CompactRIODas, A D; Mahapatra, K K
Feb-2011 Real-time Iris Segmentation based on Image MorphologyBakshi, S; Mehrotra, H; Majhi, B
Oct-2012 A Real-time Model for Multiple Human Face Tracking from Low-resolution Surveillance VideosSarkar, R; Bakshi, S; Sa, Pankaj K
Mar-2012 Real-Time Position Estimation and Tracking of a BasketballChakraborty, B; Meher, S
1998 A real-time short-term peak and average load forecasting system using a self-organising fuzzy neural networkDash, P K; Satpathy, H P; Liew, A C
Apr-2013 Received Signal Strength Based Vertical Hand Off Scheme for K-Tier Heterogeneous NetworksPanda, A; Patra, S K; Acharya, D P
Jan-1995 Recent Advances in Bio - chemical Reactors for Treatment of WastewaterMeikap, B C; Roy, G K
2009 Recent Advances in Distributed Video CodingRup, S; Dash, R; Ray, N K; Majhi, B
Jul-2013 Recent Advances in Solid MechanicsSahu, S K
Dec-2011 Recent Trend on Tundish DesignSadual, M R; Swain, S K; Kumar, M
Jan-2012 Recent Trends in Mechanical EngineeringBehera, R K; Mishra, S C; Sen, Sudipta
2014 A Recent Understanding on Theories of Moisture Ingression and its Effect on FRP CompositesMishra, S; Rathore, D K; Ray, B C
Dec-2011 Recovery of Bio Oil From Mustard Seeds By Thermal PyrolysisSingh, R K; Pradhan, Saswat Kumar
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