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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2002 On the number 495 (A constant similar to Kaprekar's Constant)Ray, P K
2006 On the phase formation mechanism of BaTiO3-SrTiO3 solid solution through solid – oxide reactionRout, S K; Panigrahi, S
19-Aug-2009 On the Privacy Protection of Biometric Traits: Palmprint, Face, and SignaturePanigrahy, S K; Jena, D; Korra, S B; Jena, S K
2001 On the singular perturbation approach to trajectory control of a multilink manipulator with flexible links and jointsSubudhi, B; Morris, A S
1983 On the stability of a hot layer of micropolar fluidJena, S K; Bhattacharyya, S P
Sep-2014 Open Ground Storey Buildings designed as per various International Codes – A Seismic Performance Comparison StudyDavis P, R; Haran, Pragalath D.C.; Sarkar, P
2010 Operational Amplifier based Control Circuit for Single Phase Multiple PWM Inverter for Induction Motor Drive ApplicationKaruppanan, P; Mahapatra, K K
2006 Optimal Area Targeting of Heat Exchanger Network UsingKhanam, S; Mohanty, B
2008 Optimal Task Allocation in a Multirobot Environment Using Capability IndicesChoudhury, B B; Biswal, B B
2009 Optimal Weighting of Assets using a Multi-objective Evolutionary AlgorithmMishra, S K; Panda, G; Meher, S; Sahu, S S
Dec-2012 Optimisation of EDM Process with Fuzzy Logic TechniqueBiswas, C K; Dewangan, S
Mar-2014 Optimisation of fabrication of micro-holes in PCB using ND:YAG laser drillingMaity, K P
2009 Optimization of Acrylonitrile Removal by Activated Carbon-Granular Using Response Surface MethodologyKumar, Arvind; Prasad, B; Mishra, I M
1-Sep-2009 Optimization of Culture Medium for Production of Recombinant Dengue Protein in Escherichia ColiTripathi, N K; Shrivastva, A; Biswal, K C; P V, Lakshmana Rao
2009 Optimization of Dual Band Microstrip Antenna using PSOChoukiker, Y; Behera, S K; Mishra, D; Mishra, R K
Dec-2009 Optimization of Dual Band Microstrip Antenna using PSOChoukiker, Y K; Behera, S K; Mishra, D; Mishra, R K
2007 Optimization of Flowshop Scheduling with Fuzzy Due Dates Using a Hybrid Evolutionary AlgorithmKiran Kumar, M S N; Biswal, B B; Mahapatra, S S; Jena, N
2003 Optimization of Mechanical Properties of a Heat-treated Cu-bearing HSLA-80 SteelRay, P K; Ganguly, R I; Panda, A K
2003 Optimization of mechanical properties of an HSLA-100 steel through control of heat treatment variablesRay, P K; Ganguly, R I; Panda, A K
1997 Optimization of Membership Functions of Fuzzy Logic Controller for Controlling Liquid Level Using Genetic AlgorithmSubudhi, B; Swain, A K
2011 Optimization of Planar Antenna for ISM Band Using Particle Swarm Optimization TechniqueChoukiker, Y; Behera, S K; Pandey, B K; R, Jyoti
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