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Date of IssueTitle Authors
May-1999 Effect of Darcy, fluid rayleigh and heat generation parameters on natural convection in a porous square enclosure: A Brinkman-extended Darcy modelDas, S; Sahoo, R K
2002 Effect of Different Types of Promoters on Bed Expansion in aKumar, A; Roy, G K
2002 Effect of different types of promoters on bed expansion in a gas-solid fluidized bed with varying distributor open areasKumar, A; Roy, G K
2002 Effect of Different Types of Promoters on Bed Expansion in a Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed with Varying Distributor Open AreasKumar, A; Roy, G K
Sep-2012 The Effect Of Distributor Design On Hydrodynamics Of Conical Fluidized Bed DryerSutar, H; Kumar, V
Oct-2011 Effect of Distributor-Orifice on Drying Kinetics in a Fluidized Bed Drier (EDODKFBD)Sutar, H; Sahoo, A
1996 Effect of Distributor Parameters on the Quality of FluidizationSwain, P; Nayak, P K; Roy, G K
Aug-2004 Effect of environment on fly -ash jute polymer compositeAcharya, S K; Mishra, S C
Mar-2011 Effect of Erodent on Erosion Wear of Fly Ash-IllmeniteMishra, S C; Das, S; Nayak, H K; Ananthapadmanabhan, P V
Jan-2013 Effect of Erroneous Power Control on the Performance of Overloaded cellular UCDS-CDMASingh, A; Singh, P
2008 Effect of Finite Register Length on Bacterial Foraging Optimization based ICA and Constrained Genetic Algorithm based ICA AlgorithmAcharya, D P; Panda, G; Lakshmi, Y V S
1983 Effect of finite thermal conductivity of the separating wall on the performance of counterflow heat exchangersChowdhury, K; Sarangi, S K
2009 Effect of Flaxseed Gum on Reduction of Blood Glucose and Cholesterol in Type 2 Diabetic PatientsThakur, G; Mitra, A; Pal, K; Rousseau, D
Mar-2000 Effect of Fluid Viscosity and Promoter Parameter on Pressure Drop in a Batch Liquid-solid Fluidized Bed with Go-axial Disc PromoterSaha, M; Tripathy, A K; Kumar, A; Roy, G K
Dec-2012 Effect of Forecasting on Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain ManagementPatel, S K; Jena, P
2007 Effect of Gas Velocity and Bed Mass on Liquid Minimum Fluidization Velocity in a three -phase Fluidized Bed with Cylinderical ParticlesJena, H M; Roy, G K
15-Jun-2005 Effect of grain size on electromagnetic properties of Ni0.7Zn0.3Fe2O4 ferriteBera, J; Roy, P K
Oct-2011 Effect of Hydrogen Enrichment on the Performance and Emissions of a Complete Bio-Fueled Diesel EngineR, Prakash; Pullagura, G; Singh, R K; Murugan, S
2005 Effect of Hydrothermal Shock Cycles on Shear Strength of Glass Fiber-polyester CompositesRay, B C
2007 Effect of hygrothermal shock cycles on interlaminar shear strength of hybrid compositesRay, P K; Mula, S; Mohanty, U K; Ray, B C
2010 Effect of Impingement Angle and Erodent Temperature on Erosion Wear Behavior of Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Epoxy CompositesBiswas, Sandhyarani; Satapathy, Alok; Patnaik, A
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