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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Jul-2012 Adsorptive removal brilliant Green onto carbonised aegle MarmelosYadav, L S; Kumar, A
Jul-2012 A Technique for Pulse RADAR Detection Using RRBF Neural NetworkSahoo, A K; Panda, G; Majhi, B
Jul-2012 Microscopic study of a solid insulating material after breakdown under DC and AC voltagesMohanty, S; Ghosh, S; Panda, P C
Jul-2012 A High Speed Encoder for a 5GS/s 5 Bit Flash ADCVarghese, G T; Mahapatra, K K
Jul-2012 A Trajectory-Based Ball Detection and Tracking System with Applications to Shot-type Identification in Volleyball VideosChakraborty, B; Meher, S
Jul-2012 Surface Property Modification of Copper by Nanocomposite CoatingAkarapu, A; Basu, A
Jul-2012 A Comparative study of Al-Al2O3 Micro- and Nanocomposites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy RouteDash, K; Chaira, D; Ray, B C
Jul-2012 Energy integration of sponge iron production processTirumalaraju, D; Khanam, S; Sahoo, A
Jul-2012 Effect of Co substitution on the magnetic properties of BiFeO3Ray, J.; Biswal, A.K; Acharya, S.; Ganesan, V.; Pradhan, D.K.; Vishwakarma, P. N.
Aug-2012 Processing and Characterization of Ni2MnSn FSMABehera, A; Mishra, S C
Aug-2012 An Efficient DoG based Fingerprint Enhancement SchemeSamantaray, S; Bakshi, S; Sa, Pankaj K
Aug-2012 Recovery of value added chemicals from waste tyre pyrolysisPradhan, D; Singh, R K
Aug-2012 The Patterns of Consumption Expenditure in Rural Households of Western Odisha of India: An Engel Ratio AnalysisSethi, N; Pradhan, H K
Aug-2012 Supply Chain Agility Assessment Module in Fuzzy ParadigmMatwale, C R; Datta, S; Mahapatra, S S
Aug-2012 Evaluating Supplier Appraisement Index in Green Supply Chain using grey numbersSahu, N K; Datta, S; Mahapatra, S S
Aug-2012 Comparative Study of Cryo -Treated SteelBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Aug-2012 Nanoparticles of cobalt ferrite grown with controlled parameters of sol-gel methodPanda, R K; Behera, D
Aug-2012 Dynamic instability of delaminated composite plates subjected to in-plane harmonic loadingSahu, S K
Aug-2012 Simulation of Random Waypoint Mobility Model Using Coloured Petri NetsAgrahari, S; Chinara, S
Aug-2012 Variation of mechanical properties of austempered ductile iron with processing parametersDas, A K; Panda, R K; Dhal, J P; Mishra, S C
Aug-2012 A novel material used in automotive industry: compacted graphite ironBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
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