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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Feb-2012 Adaptive Protocol for Critical Data Transmission of Mobile Sink Wireless Sensor NetworksPuthal, D; Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Feb-2012 Pattern-based Simulation using Self Organized MapsChatterjee, S; Dimitrakopoulos, R
Feb-2012 Utilization of Mathematical Model to Understand Martensitic Transformation in Ferromagnetic Shape Memory AlloysMishra, S C; Behera, Ajit
Feb-2012 Assurance of Quality Improvement for Tool Steel by Cryo-processingRout, S; Behera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Feb-2012 Analysis of Martensitic Transformation in Ni-Mn-Sn FSMABehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Feb-2012 Effect of sodium silicate on strengthening behaviour of fly ash compactsPanda, R K; Dhal, J P; Mishra, S C
Feb-2012 A study on the dielectric properties of SGM-filled epoxy compositesMishra, D; Halder, A; Panda, A; Satapathy, Alok
Feb-2012 A Numerical Study on Enhancement of Thermal Insulation Capability of Polyester By Reinforcement of Micro-Sized Rice Husk ParticlesDewangan, K K; Satapathy, Alok
Feb-2012 Class-C Power amplifier Design For GSM ApplicationSamal, L; Mahapatra, K K; K, Raghu Ram
Feb-2012 Comparative Study on Diffusivity and Mass Transfer Coefficients of Mushrooms and Vegetables Dried in a Fluidized Bed Dryer Using ANNJena, S; Sahoo, A
Feb-2012 Utilization and Investigation of Polymer in Drug IndustryParida, P; Tripathy, S P; Mishra, S C; Behera, Ajit
Feb-2012 New solution for property improvement of automobile partsBehera, Asit; Behera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Feb-2012 Property optimization of Ferromagnetic Shape Memory alloys with respect to CostBehera, Ajit; Mishra, S C
Feb-2012 Phase Investigation of Austempered Ductile IronSwain, S K; Panda, R K; Dhal, J P; Mishra, S C; Sen, S
Feb-2012 Robust Distributed Block LMS over WSN in Impulsive NoisePanigrahi, T; Panda, G; Mulgrew, B
Feb-2012 Parametric Evaluation of Erosion Response of Epoxy Resin Filled with Blast Furnace Slag Using Taguchi TechniquePadhi, P K; Satapathy, Alok
Feb-2012 Dea Based Taguchi Approach for Multi-Objective Optimization in Machining Polymers: A Case StudyKumar, A; Sahu, J; Datta, S; Mahapatra, S S
Feb-2012 An Investigation on The Dielectric Properties of Epoxy Filled With Glass Micro-Spheres and Boron NitrideMishra, D; Satapathy, Alok
Feb-2012 Erosive Wear Behavior of Glass-Epoxy Hybrid Composites Reinforced with Blast Furnace SlagPadhi, P K; Satapathy, Alok; Mishra, S K; Mantry, Sisir
Jan-2012 Mixed Convection from an Exponentially Stretching Surface in Non-Darcy Porous Medium with Soret and Dufour EffectsRamReddy, Ch
Jan-2012 E-Books: Ten QuestionsRao, Y S
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