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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1983 A second law analysis of the concentric tube heat exchanger: optimisation of wall conductivityChowdhury, K; Sarangi, S K
1983 Effect of finite thermal conductivity of the separating wall on the performance of counterflow heat exchangersChowdhury, K; Sarangi, S K
Jun-1982 Sulpher Dioxide Pollution Control by Wet Scrubbing MethodsBiswal, K C; Roy, G K
1982 Absorption of Sulfur Dioxide by Limestone in a High Temperature Fluidized BedRoy, G K; Weisweiler, W
1982 Prediction of the Fluctuation Ratio for Gas Solid Fluidization of Regular Particles in a Conical VesselBiswal, K C; Sahu, S; Roy, G K
1982 Free Convection in the Laminar Boundary Layer Flow of a Thermomicropolar Fluid past a Vertical Flat Plate with Suction/InjectionJena, S K; Mathur, M N
1982 Water Jet Machining: A state of artRay, P K
1982 On the generation of entropy in a counterflow heat exchangerSarangi, S K; Chowdhury, K
1982 Prediction of the fluctuation ratio for gas—solid fluidization of regular particles in a conical vesselBiswal, K C; Sahu, S; Roy, G K
Dec-1981 Prediction of the Height of the Lean-Bed Zone in Gas-Solid Semifluidized BedsMurthy, J S N; Narayana, A S; Roy, G K; Sarma, K J R
Nov-1981 Recovery of Chemicals from Agricultural Residues— A Critical ReviewAugustine, B; Roy, G K
Feb-1981 Gas—Solids Fluidization in Baffled BedsKrishnamurty, S; Murty, J S N; Roy, G K; Pakala, V S
1981 Kinetics of Lime-Limestone Sulfation: Review of Lime Reactivity and sulfation Kinetics in the Dry Limestone Desulfurization ProcessesWeisweiler, W; Roy, G K
1981 Similarity solutions for laminar free convection flow of a thermomicropolar fluid past a non-isothermal vertical flat plateJena, S K; Mathur, M N
Jun-1980 Chemical Engineering Education: The Interaction of Professional Institutions & Academic EducationRoy, G K
Jun-1978 Chemical Engineering Education in a Developing Nation (Indian Scene)Roy, G K
Mar-1978 Prediction of Pressure Drop across a Liquid-Solid Semifluidized BedRoy, G K; Sarma, K J R
1978 A determination of Jovian ammonia abundance based on a 2 μm spectrumSarangi, S K; Margolis, J S
Nov-1977 Resources, Conservation and Utilization of Chromite Ores in IndiaMisra, S; Sarangi, A; Roy, G K; Tripathi, K k
Oct-1977 Beneficiation Studies on Ilmenite Rocks of Bhandar MinesBehera, R C; Rath, P; Roy, G K
Jun-1977 Prediction of Pressure Drop Across A Gas-Solid Semi-fluidized BedRoy, G K; Sarma, K J R
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