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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Dec-2012 Development of an intelligent system for prediction of inverse kinematics of robot manipulatorJha, P; Biswal, B B
Dec-2012 Kinematic Design and Compliant Grasp Analysis of a 5-Fingered Robotic HandParida, P K; Biswal, B B; Kumar, S
Dec-2012 LOBS: Local Background Subtracter for Video SurveillanceHati, K K; Sa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B
Nov-2012 Problems of mining wastes management in india and its suggestive measures – case studiesPal, B K; Khanda, D K; Dey, S
Nov-2012 Change Detection Analysis around Talcher Coalfield using Remote Sensing and GISEqueenuddin, Sk. Md.; Choudhury, S
Nov-2012 Stochastic Open Pit Mine Production Scheduling Incorporating Price UncertaintiesSethi, M R; Chatterjee, S
Nov-2012 Multi-point Geostatistical Simulation by Applying Quadratic Optimization AlgorithmChatterjee, S
Nov-2012 Development of Porosity Gradient Bio Ceramic ScaffoldPal, S K; Sarkar, R; Murty, H P
Nov-2012 Design of Fuzzy Logic Controller based on TMS320C6713 DSPMaji, P; Patra, S K; Mahapatra, K K
Nov-2012 Generation of Optimized Robotic Assembly Sequence Using Immune Based TechniqueBiswal, B B; Pattanayak, S K; Mohapatra, R N; Parida, P K; Jha, P
Nov-2012 Amyloidogenic Propensities and Conformational Properties of ProIAPP and IAPP in the Presence of Lipid Bilayer MembranesJha, S; Sellin, D; Seidel, R; Winter, R
Nov-2012 Interrogating Body Politic: Reflections towards Thuggee Cult in British IndiaRath, A K
Nov-2012 Staggered Clustering Protocol: SCP an Efficient Clustering Approach for Wireless Sensor NetworkTripathy, A K; Chinara, S
Nov-2012 Occlusion prediction algorithms for multi-camera networkRaman, R; Sa, Pankaj K; Majhi, B
Nov-2012 Overview of iron ore mining in india vis-a-vis status of production in 2020 ADS, Jayanthu; Sa, B K; S, Pitoshe; R S, Alok
Nov-2012 Geometric Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of Heated LaminatedPanda, S K; Mahapatra, T R
Nov-2012 The Friction and Wear behavior of modified rice husk filled epoxy compositeAcharya, S K; Samantrai, S P
Nov-2012 Performance Evaluation of fly ash Composite Material in Mine Haul RoadMallick, S R; Mishra, M K; Parida, K T
Nov-2012 Milling effect on Cu-graphite metal matrix composite prepared by powder metallurgy routeSamal, C P; Parihar, J S; Chaira, D
Nov-2012 Role of free volume on the plasticity in Cu-Zr amorphous binary alloyYedla, N; Ghosh
Nov-2012 Development of Nano-Y2O3 Dispersed Ferritic Alloys for Nuclear ReactorsKarak, S K; Majumdar, J D; Lojkowski, W; Manna, I
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