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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Mar-2015 Inverse Kinematic Solution of Robot Manipulator Using Hybrid Neural NetworkBiswal, BB; Jha, P; Sahu, OP
Mar-2015 Development of Robotic End-effector Using Sensors for Part Recognition and GraspingBiswal, BB; Sahu, OP; Mukharji, S; Jha, P
Oct-2014 Monitoring and Prediction of Fugitive Dust Concentration in an Opencast Coal Project Using AERMODTripathy, D P
Oct-2014 Evaluation of viability of bacteria using in vitro gastro intestinal model and formulation of functional food with synbiotic microcapsulesJayabalan, R; Goderska, K; Dethose, A; Johnson, E; Sahoo, M; Dash, I; Sasikumar, A P; Suh, J W
Oct-2014 Friction and Wear Behaviour of Plasma Sprayed Fly Ash Added Red Mud CoatingsSutar, H; Roy, D; Mishra, S C; Chakraverty, A P; Maharana, H S
Oct-2014 Effects of temperature and loading speed on interfacedominated strength in fibre/polymer composites: An evaluation for in-situ environmentSethi, S; Rathore, D K; Ray, B C
Sep-2014 A Two-Dimensional Subthreshold Current Model of Recessed-Source/ Drain (Re- S/D) SOI MOSFETs with High-k DielectricSaramekala, G K; Tiwari, P K
Sep-2014 Reduction of BF coke cost through effective utilization of Indian LVHR and low rank coking coals in blends-A Petrographic ApproachMishra, H K; Das, T K; Maitra, J; Imam, Z; Saran, S; Debnath, A K
Sep-2014 Open Ground Storey Buildings designed as per various International Codes – A Seismic Performance Comparison StudyDavis P, R; Haran, Pragalath D.C.; Sarkar, P
Sep-2014 Power Quality Improvement in a Speed Sensorless Stand-alone DFIG Feeding General Unbalanced Non-linear LoadsPattnaik, M; Kastha, D
Sep-2014 Joint Iterative CCI and ICI Cancellation for STBC-OFDM System in Fast Fading ChannelPatra, J P; Singh, P
Sep-2014 Assessment and modification strategies for improved interlaminar properties of advanced FRP composites: A reviewPrusty, R K; Rathore, D K; Ray, B C
Sep-2014 In-service Performance of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite in Different Environmental Conditions: A ReviewMahato, K K; Shukla, M J; Kumar, D S; Ray, B C
Aug-2014 Two reliable approaches involving Haar wavelet method and Optimal Homotopy Asymptotic method for the solution of fractional Fisher type equationRay, S S
Aug-2014 An Examination of Success of Mergers and Acquisitions in Manufacturing Sector in India Using Index ScoreLeepsa, N M; Mishra, C S
Aug-2014 Recrystallization Texture in Commercially Pure (CP) TitaniumPanda, S; Kumar, G; Mishra, S C; Suwas, S; Sahoo, S K
Aug-2014 Flow of taylor bubble in microchannel having an obstacleThippavathini, S; Moharana, M K
Aug-2014 Application of Leadership and Personal Competencies for Augmented Managerial Performance: Empirical Evidence from Indian Manufacturing UnitsJena, Sambedna; Sahoo, C K
Jul-2014 An electrochemical method for the synthesis of single and few 13-layers graphene sheets for high temperature applicationsMahanandia, P
Jul-2014 Affine Kac-Moody symmetric spaces associated with untwisted Kac-Moody algebrasNayak, S; Rout, S S; Pati, K C
Jul-2014 Role of pentagon spin frustration in magnetoelectric Bi2Fe4-xCoxO9 (0 ≤x ≤ 0.8)Mohapatra, S R; Sahu, B; Singh, A K
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